Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scarred..? - day 28

A scar you have and it's story

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Well, you see this scar on my brow?  I received it years ago when I battled against the fearsome ripple-beaked cockatoo.  This rare bird is brother to a basilisk and relishes leaving markings upon its opponents.  Shorter than an average tree and yet taller than a bolder, the ripple-beaked cockatoo has brightly coloured plumage that range from reds to blues.  The beak, a luminous orange, can break through even rock and is as sharp as a blade.  This bird is truly deadly.  Why I sought to fight it, I do not know.

  I narrowly and gallantly won my life, but this scar will forever mar my face.  People look on me with fear and loathing, somehow hating what this line symbolizes.  Why they judge me so, I do not know.  I only want to have my own honour and, of course, power.  Is that so much to ask?

Okay, so I don't really have any scars with good stories.  I have markings and indents and burn marks, but no real scars that stand out.  Hmm... Maybe to solve all that, I need to find this ripple-beaked cockatoo, eh?

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I am thankful for medicine and bandaids that provide us with a means of healing ourselves when we are injured!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my word hobby - day 20

A Hobby of Yours

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I suppose writing is my hobby. I love to do so many different things and sometimes, I wonder if I even have a hobby. I love to read, I love to make things with my hands and do different crafts. I love to play sports and so many other things. Can each of those be a hobby if I don't do it in excess? See, I'm not too sure...

And thus, I suppose that writing is my hobby. I mean, I'm writing all the time. I write these blog posts, after all, and that's just a small portion of my writing. There is the school work I have to do [which is sometimes fun and engaging--always challenging to some aspect], and there is the creative writing I do. I always need to have pen and paper with me because I find myself with all these ideas waiting to be expressed.

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Now, I'm not really a poet, but since I don't really have any specific passages that I'm working on at the moment, a poem will have to do. Below, you'll see a poem I wrote back in September. I was trying to capture my feelings at the prospect of university. I didn't really have a style going in or a feel that I was going for but this is what emerged. Enjoy!

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Verdant, lush, burning, crimson
Aureate, honeyed, auburn, brown
Perfect, whole, braking, falling
Crumpled beneath feet

Royal azure, trickling foam
Rippling, burbling over stone
Crisp, biting, winds blow
Freezing ice crystals

Lustrous, unique, sparkling
Purring power, rumbling
Tarnish, deteriorate, corrosion
Scrap withering away

Gentle glow, first breath, fresh tears
Rosy cheeks, soft skin, no fears
Play, laugh, scrapes, booboos
Time goes by

Pencils, binders, lineups, bells
Words, numbers, problems
Job, clothes, diplomas
Leaving home

Things I've learned about France (or at least Normandy)

Well there we go, my second European country. In some ways, very similar to England (a lot of meat and potatoes, fancy churches, pay toilets...