Monday, March 07, 2016

The Five Day Market and My "Work" Room

So I managed to make another video, and this time I left my room.  Ha.  Pictures can only give so much perspective, I suppose.

This vlog features my working room--which I actually live in more than my personal rooms in the other residence.  I'm very much a desk person and my personal rooms don't have a desk so if I am planning on getting work done during my time off, I usually spend it in Sherborne.  Like now, actually, as I type this post (Although today it is also because the Internet is down in the other residence.  We had a really bad storm and something related to wifi got struck by lightning in our building).

This vlog also features the Moseulpo Five Day Market (오일장, o-il-jang).  The Market is one of those quirky island-things.  It moves around the island on a five day cycle.  On any digit of the month ending with a 1 or 6, it is in Moseulpo, which is closest to where I live.  On days ending with a 2 or a 7, it is up in Jeju city and I believe the ~3 and ~8 are in Seogwipo, but I might be mistaken.  I am not sure about the other two locations.  As you can probably tell from the video, you can find all sorts of things at the market.  
One of the clothes stalls at the market.
There is definitely a lot of produce, dried legumes and dried seafood as well as fresh meat/fish.  But you can also get a variety of clothing from shirts, skirts, pants, to hiking gear and shoes.  There are also accessories (purses, wallets, hair clips, hats, gloves, etc...), and random knick-knacks/toys.  And we can't forget the food stalls.  That's definitely my favourite part.  This time, I only had hoddeok (호떡), which is the pancake-like thing, and the bondaegi (번대기), or pupae-bug-thing (honestly, it didn't taste bad, but I don't know if I would classify it as good either).  A couple of my students had some cold noodles (냉면, naeng-myeon), too.  (Previously I've also had spicy rice cakes (떡복이, ddeokboki) and fish bread (붕어빵, bungeoppang) at this market).

And because it was a warm day, we finished off the trip with a lovely drive along the coast on our way back to school.  It was pretty misty, but the haze didn't prevent these yellow fields of rapeseed flowers (유채꽃) from being beautiful.  So naturally, we left the van and played tourist for a couple minutes together.
On a non-hazy day you could see the sea in the distance, but not today.
A shot of SanBangSan looming behind the field.
And voilà!  I hope you enjoyed the video and this post.

Until next time, Tara!
Love and Hugs.

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