Friday, July 22, 2016

What They Don't tell you about the CN Tower

My mum and I wanted to do something new this summer--something we both had never done--and so we decided to go up the CN Tower. Despite living so close to Toronto, we haven't fully explored the GTA like a tourist. Thus, our adventure began. The following are things we wished we had known before we went. Nothing major, but small stuff that no one really talks about.
Looking down from the skypod, the sun at our backs.
What's the line like?
We told a number of people that we were going and yet not one thought to mention that you FIRST line up to buy your tickets and THEN you line up to get to the elevator. Maybe it seems obvious to some, but I think it's worth being said that the wait times are different. Wait time for elevators can be less than 45 minutes at a good time, or more than an hour and a half at peek times. So if you are aiming to be at the top for sunset or even daylight, don't wait too late or by the time you get to the top, it will be dark.

The Skypod - Line B. If you choose to do skypod, there will be another line-up. There are multiple elevators ferrying people up to the main viewing area, but there is only one elevator for the skypod, so again, if you are hoping to see sunset, or something, make sure to account for time. Also, I found the windows in the skypod kind of weird. They are at awkward angles so taking pictures without glare was a bit of a challenge. Nothing bad, but now you know.
Sunset through the Skypod windows.
My mum and I bought our ticket at 7pm, grabbed a quick bite and were in line by 720. We made it up to the main deck by 822 and then just made it to the skypod for 846. Sunset was recorded as 852. It was tight. Still, we made it and we were able to see the night lights come alive across the city.
As we left the CN Tower behind, it was lighting up the night sky.
Consider: Night or Day?
Maybe you want to go and like my mum and I, you've lived around the GTA your whole life. If your time is flexible, then consider during the day or in the evening. In the day, if it is clear, they say you can see Niagara Falls and somewhere in New York State (from the Skypod). You might even be able to see your neighbourhood. I night scene, too, is beautiful. In some ways, you don't see as much, but in others, a night scene shows you so much more. So think about it before you go.
The sun setting; the beginnings of a city blinking to life
 Now, I am at the airport preparing to head back to Korea for another year of who knows. To those I didn't get to see this summer, I hope you are well and dandy. To those I did, I'm glad it worked out. And to everyone, until next time.

Love and Hugs.

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