About Me
Me as Napoleon. 
Hello!  My name is Rae and I am a twenty-something Canadian who has a passion for words.  I like to journal, create fiction, and express my thoughts through writing in a form of cathartic therapy.

I have recently moved to the Republic of Korea to work at an International School.  This is the biggest life choice I have ever made and until spring 2015 I had never even been on a plane before.  I am very excited for what the future has in store.

About my Blog
This blog was created March 16, 2008 and first started it in order to review books but after a while, I started to explore with posts and decided that I wanted to include more of me and of who I was in the blog. Now, as I live the life of an expat, it serves as a main way to keep family and friends up to date with my adventuring. I also hope that my posts can help other travellers, too, and always welcome questions/comments.

 If you're reading this, I thank you. It means a lot to me for people to read what I have to say... even when what I say doesn't seem like much.

My blog used to be entitled Thoughts of a KleeWyck based off my camp name, KleeWyck, which means "laughing one." (Click for the story behind the name). Now to be more simple, I've simply renamed it Raemation Station since I like rhymes, stations, and continuity between online platforms. "Raemation" was initially created when I started doing some stop-motion with friends and wanted a word to describe my creations/animations.

*Current images from the Miniature Theme Park on Jeju-do, Republic of Korea, October 2015.

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