an English Guide to Jeju

One of my coworkers has been working on this really amazing website that has so much information about LIVING on Jeju. It can be found here:

Living on the island for over a year now, I recognize that as a foreigner it can be difficult at times to find cool sites, fun cafes, or delicious food. Google maps? Only really helpful with buses and even then it's not the most accurate.

I still remember my early adventures walking around the city: I was so overwhelmed with all of the Hangeul (한글, Korean writing). I didn't know what was what and that was a little intimidated.

Now that I have more experience under my skin, I thought I would start making an English guide, of sorts, to Jeju (or at least my part of Jeju). I'll try to include the information that I wish I had known, but I also welcome feedback and if I don't include something that you think is important, please let me know so that I can fix that!

Happy Travels!

Currently this guide focuses on these two main areas of the island: Daejeong-Eup & Andeok-Myeon. See image map for reference:

I'm also building a google map and have currently denoted four colours for different categories. Find it here:

The On-going List
Warning: not all pins on the map have corresponding posts, but here is a list of links to what I have written about.

Restaurants (Red)
Daejeong - Dak-Kal-Bi (닭갈비; coming soon)
Daejeong - Gosari - Pork Cutlet & Seafood Pasta
Daejeong - HongSungBang - Noodles/Chinese Food
Andeok - Under the Dam (담아래) - BiBimBap

Cafe-Restaurants (Dark Green)
Andeok - Element 38 (Salon de 소자 38)
Andeok - Cafe Sagye 80° (카페 사계80°)

Cafes (Purple)
Daejeong - Wato Coffee (와토거피)
Andeok - Manor Blanc (마노르 블랑)

Olle Trail (올레길) (Yellow)
Halla Mountain (한라산)
Orems (Light Green)

(Smaller) Islands and Boat Rides (Blue)
Gapado (가파도)
Marado (coming eventually)
SanBangSan Ferry Ride

West Side

East Side
Jeju Folk Village

Five Day Market - Moseulpo (오일장)

*Notice: As I went to find the locations for some of these places, I realized that while the teachers and I refer to Moseulpo as the name of the small village at the south-west point of the island (in Daejeong-eup), that is not fully accurate and does not always appear in the address for restaurant/cafes. Foreigner problems.

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