Monday, April 25, 2016

U Island (우도)

Udo is one of the bigger islands surrounding Jeju and it is also one of the more popular tourist spot.  Famous for its peanuts, Udo offers many peanut-treats (including peanut ice cream, peanut sandwiches, peanuts on waffles, peanuts on burgers...) as well as fresh seafood, and beautiful coastal views among other attractions.
View of Udo (and Sunrise Peak) from the Ferry.
We boarded the ferry at 8am from Seongsan Harbour.  The boats leave every 30 minutes on the hour.  The last boat depends on the season.  We learned this at the ticket office as we couldn't find times posted anywhere online.  It was really inexpensive, too.
Looking back toward Jeju from Udo.
Audrey and I, we decided to do the Olle Trail 1-1 while we were on the island.  The trail gave a good circuit so we got to see a lot of the island, but it also meant I got to cross the trail off my list.  We're not entirely sure whether we walked 11.3 km or 16.4 km because it was written differently in two different sources.  But in any case, off we went.

By now, this was my 6th Olle Trail.  Unlike the previous trails that I have done, Audrey and I found this trail a little hard to follow.  We were going counter-clockwise (or the orange route, for those who know), and there were more than a handful of times where we had to double back because we missed the turn, or where we were confused because we weren't sure which way to go.
View looking down at Udo from near the highest point.
The trail was still lovely and we did manage to complete it, but it was a little annoying at times.  I think the way is a bit clearer when you walk the other direction (blue way), but then that means you're leaving the big hill (and that uphill), for closer to the end--which we didn't want to do.
An old lighthouse (left) and its successor (right), keeping watch over Udo.
Hide and seek anyone? Photo Cred: Audrey
By the time we were finished, we were very much physically exhausted.  We really didn't want to walk anymore than we had to.  ㅎㅎ.  We had some more ice cream as a final treat before heading back to Jeju--a little earlier than we planned, but because we were so tired, we were looking forward to getting home earlier.
Slightly guilty because I once again took a bite before the picture was snapped... PC: Audrey
We had hallabong and peanut flavours.  (Hallabong is a special orange that is grown on Jeju and it is considered the supreme leader of all the orange citrus family).  Audrey and I agreed that the Hallabong was more like dessert ice cream that you'd have at rare occasions and then the peanut one was a more mellow flavour that you might have more often.  Still, green tea ice cream could be had everyday.  ㅎㅎㅎㅎ.

I would consider going back to Udo again.  There is more I would like to see--ideally with a bit sunnier weather.  But I also feel that I can now cross it off my list.

Until the next adventure,
Love and Hugs.

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