Wednesday, June 01, 2016


How did it get here so fast?  The past few months have both crawled and zipped by.  It's crazy to think that I will be home in 19 days.  Countdown is on.  In less than a month I will be able to see my family again. Woot!

But before that magical day arrives, I think I might run around screaming with my hands in the air like a crazy person.

Or at least I might contemplate it deeply...

I know there are still a couple weeks to go, but knowing I need to organize my life into what I'm storing here and what I'm bringing home is one of the biggest stressors right now.  Plus I am currently taking an online English class (which I started almost a month ago) and the midterm will be revealed and due all within the last week of the school year.  Let's not forget my actual work duties.  With the students in exam mode, things are tense all around.  We dons also need to help get things organized for next year which involves cleaning and creating certain materials.

AND before we all depart ways and potentially not see other for a long time (because saying never sounds so much sadder), I really hope to spend some more time with the other Teacher Dons.  A couple are staying on next year, like me, but most are either returning back whence they came or going off on a different adventure.  Who knows where we might meet next?  Onward and upward!

So... 19 days, Canada.

See you then. Love and Hugs

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