Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful!"

- Song of Songs 1:15

What is it that you find attractive in that special someone? What is it that draws you in?

A team of people in England did a research study on the Science of Attraction through a series of videos. They are all very interesting and about 10 minutes each. If you want to check them out, click HERE.

When I asked you guys last week what you guys found attractive, I got a multitude of answers, as expected, but there were also some similarities.

Many of you agreed that eyes are very important--those windows of the soul.  The eyes of a person can make you feel respected and special while you talk to them.  They convey such deep emotion and such beauty.  How can you not be drawn in?

As for the other attractive physical qualities, there was no agreement really.  Sometimes it amazes me how different we humans are.  Even though we may grow up in the same environments or experience similar events throughout life, we grow up to have such vast and different likes and dislikes--and that rubs off on people.  What attracts me to a guy will not be what attracts my best friend Ana to a guy [this has been proven since she's in a relationship to my other friend K and I'm not attracted to him.  He's a cool dude though!  Hi K!].

But can you imagine for a moment if we were all attracted to the same people?  The world would be an utter chaos of relationships!  Oi vey!  Simply crazy ideas right there...

Fortunately, we are all different and when we meet that special someone, they will be the most beautiful to you and you will be the most beautiful to them.  Will be?  Should be.  I will choose for my man to be.

 "How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful!" Song of Songs 1:15

In closing, I'm adding a quote from a sermon I listened to over a year ago by pastor Mark Driscoll.  He's a really cool pastor and I really enjoy listening to him preach.  The quote is from his Peasant Princess sermon series and if your interested in checking them out, you should.  They are good.

"God’s plan is that your spouse would be your standard of beauty. For Adam, he didn’t have a standard of beauty. He had a wife. For Eve, she didn’t have a standard of beauty. She had a husband. God doesn’t bring in 27 men for Eve. Say, “All right, you guys all compete. Let’s see which one looks the best. Let’s see which one is able to serve my needs.” No, no, no. The issue is this. Everyone should have — must their spouse as their standard of beauty. One of the qualifications of an elder is that they are to be one-woman men, and the — everyone is supposed to follow the example of the elders. So, here’s what that means.

"And this is true for men and women. If you’re married to someone tall, you like tall. If you’re married to someone short, you really like short. If you married to someone skinny, you’re into skinny. If you’re married to someone who’s... not skinny, you’re into not skinny. You say, “Well they were skinny. Now they’re not skinny.” Your standard changed, but that’s still yours — true story, and that means if you get married at 25 and you grow old together at 75, your standard of beauty is not what your spouse looked like at 25, but what they look like at 75. Lust is comparing your spouse to others, desiring others, desiring your spouse to be like others. Job 31:1 he says, “I made a covenant with my eyes. I’m not looking at other women lustfully.” That’s the issue. God shows that in creation: one man; one woman. They’re one another’s standard. That’s it."


Anonymous said...

Just a question,
If your married to someone who is "not skinny" does that neccessarily mean that your "into not skinny" or just that, that doesn't matter to you. My dad, was overwheight. When my mom told her friends that she was engaged to him, one said "Well I mean, you can probably get him to loose weight." My mom told me this storry to show me the errors of marrying someone if you think that you can change there flaws so that you can love there whole self. My dad never lost weight and my mom didn't mind, she said it never bothered her. This doesn't mean my mom liked how he was overwheight just that it didn't bother her. Just for interests sake: I once asked my mom what attracted her to my dad, and she said his sincerity, I thought that was interesting. :)

interkultural08 said...


I saw soooo many reference (intended or not) from us and our friends and LOL to the "K" comment :P

I love you Rae!!!! you make my day

I'm really liking this Song of Songs thing...maybe after you're done people won't be scared to read them.

Eclectic Elegance said...

I really liked this blog article, too! :) I never really liked or understood the Song of Songs until a few years ago when I started reading them. Have you ever read "Hinds' Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard? It's an allegory a lot like Pilgrim's Progress, but it talks about a girl named Much-Afraid and her journey in walking with the Shepherd and it has parts of the Song of Songs sprinkled all throughout. I really, really liked the story. :)

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