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Intimidating University - Q&A

 [Query and Advice]

I am going to University.   
1) intimidated by such a large uni 
2) cold weather
3) roommates
4) just people, who won't know 2 get along

University can be scary--if you let it.

Flashback five months ago and you'd find me: scared out of my mind at the idea of going to university.  And what does everyone tell me?  "You'll be great at Uni, Rachel!"  "You'll pwn school!"  "We'll never see you because you'll be so busy!"  "You'll be so caught up in everything, Rachel, you won't ever want to come home."  [That last one was my mum and it kind of hurt me a bit that she didn't think I'd ever come home really].

With everyone telling me I'd be fine, I didn't know how to express the fact that I was so scared.  I didn't want University to come--and a part of me still wishes I could turn back time.  But you know what, it's true that it's not as scary as I thought it'd be.  Sure, it's a lot bigger, but it's a lot like high school in the sense that there are so many faces that you will never know everyone.  I walk across campus and it's like walking through my high school hallway [except for the fact that it's outside].  Also, the profs and TAs are there to help you.  My psych prof is so awesome.  She loves it when students come to see her and wishes that more did.  Not only that, but she lets us call her by her first name which is pretty cool.  My TAs are all nice, too.  They want you to succeed and will respond to your emails and questions, so don't be afraid to ask.

A small bit of advice I'll offer is DO NOT be afraid to ask dumb questions because, if that question makes a difference in your grade or in your success, it was NOT dumb in the first place.  University is a learning experience!  Also, that first week, go out to EVERYTHING.  Make friends from all sorts of places.  In your classes, talk to the people sitting beside you and get to know some people.  You won't become close with everyone, but you'll find some good friends.  I did.  And I met a lot of other cool people too!

As for the weather, it's something you'll get used to.  Though, I advise you get boots and a good coat before hand.  It would be a pain if the weather caught you unprepared!  I live in Canada--true, I'm in the southern-most section, but it still gets pretty cold and some of the international students are unprepared for the snow and cold.  Try to anticipate and get the necessities!

I know this is getting long, but we're almost there!

Roommates.  You know those movies where the roommates are enemies and can't stand each other?  They are not all true.  Sometimes, but not all the time.  One of the big things to take into consideration when you are living with other people is that: you are living with other people.  Seems simple enough, but most people don't realize it.  I lucked out with roommates this year.  I live with two people.  My one roommate, Becky has been here with me since September.  She is awesome.  We have very different personalities and completely different fields of study, but we learn to live around and with each other.  How that came to be is that I learn her habits and she learns mine.  She knows that if she comes in at 2 in the morning, I'm sleeping so she should be quiet.  I know that if I wake up early, to likewise be quiet.

My other roommate is new.  She's from Bangladesh and Becky and I are still trying to get used to living with her.  We've even had a few spats over the last month and it's not fun.  It's getting better, though, and she is a really nice person so I don't want anyone to get any ideas.  There were just small conflicting issues.

My advice though to the whole roommate sitch is to remember to be respectful--even when it might seem hard.  Try and see a problem from the other person's perspective.  It's important that if you have a problem, try and talk it out in a non-attacking way.  You don't need enmity with your roommates if you can help it.  If you do run into problems with your roommates and you can't seem to solve them, get a third party involved--like a Don or Floor Captain or whoever you can trust to judge a situation fairly.  But remember, communication is key!

I hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing!!!!!!!!! I am heading to uni next year. And this is really awsome advice

Bleeding Healer said...

Rachel,thanks so so much,it's good to hear it from someone who is new to the uni world. Gosh thanks alot..hugs to you,and amazing for answering all the questions.
I mean people keep telling me everything will be fine,but lord i am scared,and it's good to see it through your point of view. The weather i am going to be so equipped..well I will try not to look like an eskimo,but i am sure i would love all the season changes.
Now roomate the ultimate fear,I am such a be sterotypical and imagine roomate to be all knives and guns,but i hope i get a good one. I have no problem compromising and understanding, the problem is I do that "too" much, i understand and compromise too much which is bad, which leads to me situations where i am dominated i don't want that to happen.
but the whole understanding each other's habits, and also communication as key is true so so true..i love the part of getting the Don in between if it's too much..thanks A TON!!!
Big hugs..and thanks again for doing truly..
lots of love..

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