Thursday, June 23, 2016

What Students Say - Year 1

Well, I'm home now, but I have one last post to wrap up the school year.

Here are a few words that I managed to transcribe from some of my students.

I wish I had thought to write down more than what I have here, but sadly I did not always have something to write with and memory is quick to mush things together. Still, here are a few moments that I would like to remember because they were funny, touching, or just said with such innocence and vulnerability.


Students: "Ms Briard we can't go back to our rooms yet. We're having a fight."
Me: "What kind of fight?" 
Students: "... a competition for funniest photo." (Gr 11)

When a student asks, "Why are you so nice to me?" (Gr 11)

After staring at me for a moment, "I like your lipstick today."
Same student, staring at me a couple of months later: "I like your eye colour." (Gr 7)

"Ms. Briard, you should stay next year so that we can play badminton together."
A couple of months later, same student, "If I paint you a picture, will you stay next year?" (Gr 11)

"Ah!  This is unicorn family! Diversity." (Gr 11 to Gr 11)

"Oh my! I misplaced the mustache." (Gr 11)

"Ms. Briard, can I have your shirt?" (Gr 11)

"Every kind of pizza will be great." (Gr 11)

After asking a student if they want to train for an upcoming race in the morning.
"I don't need to train. I have [friend] to run with me." (Gr 11)

Friend pats a student on the stomach and student says, "Ahh! Why are you touching my fat?" (Gr 7)

"He won't be able to go up the stairs with you."
Response: "But we have a car." (Gr 12, I think)

"How do you inhale styrofoam?" (Gr 11 to Gr 11)

Love and Hugs.

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