Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Celebrating Birthdays in Korea

is easy if you like cake.  You can get cake everywhere.

Too bad I'm not a big cake person...

It's hard to believe that this is my second year in a row where I'm not even in Canada for my birthday.  This time last year, I was navigating my way on the Tube trying to get out of London (and unfortunately discovering that the line I needed to take was down for maintenance leading to a super long detour) so that I could meet up with some of my extended family.  We then drove across the country on our way to Cardiff where they lived.  It was a long day of travel that ended at Pizza Express (which sounds like the name of a fast-food restaurant but is more like gourmet pizza).  This year's b-day celebrations couldn't look more different.

This year I am in Korea and this year, as my birthday was mid-week, I had to work.  Although in all honesty it still wasn't a bad day.  I was able to relax a bit in my downtime before going on duty and was able to enjoy the time with my coworkers and my family of students.

My students are not the most... stealthy individuals, and I really hope they weren't trying to be because if so they failed miserably.  As I washed the dishes at the kitchenette next to my room, one by one they came in, taking off their shoes and turning on the lights.  They weren't exactly quiet in this process either and while I couldn't understand all that they said in Korean, the intentions were clear.  After most of them had gathered, they called me in and had me sit at the head, creating some excuse as to why we had a random family meeting.  And then they brought in a cake and started to sing--and maybe scream slightly (oops. haha).

Although I might not be much of a cake person, I was so honoured that they thought to do something special.  I'm lucky to have such a great group of girls as students. (우리 가족이 짱이야!).  And while I'm missing my friends and family from back home, it helps feeling the support and love here.

So here's to another birthday away from Canada, with all it's quirks.  I survived another year in this crazy world I call home.  I suppose that is an accomplishment.

Love and Hugs,

End of the Day selfies.  Do I look as tired as I feel?


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