Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Moseulpo Harbour - Hong Sung Bang

Address: 서귀포시 대정읍 하모항구로 76
Address: 76 Hamo-Hang-Gu-Ro, Daejeong-Eup, Seogwipo
Facebook: ? If there is an official Facebook page, I can't find it.
Vegetarian Friendly: Ye---No. Not at all.
Hours: 10:30~15:00 / 17:30~19:30
Price Range: 5,000-8,000 per single entrée (shared, table dishes are a little more expensive)
Parking: Limited out front, more on surrounding streets.

Of all the restaurants on Jeju, it seems appropriate to start with the one that I have visited the most: Hong Sung Bang. Not because it's my favourite necessarily, but because my students always want to go here and it is reasonably priced. Like seriously: they ALWAYS want to go here.

Hong Sung Bang is a "Chinese-style" restaurant--with Chinese kitchen staff, so perhaps this is mostly true. (I have learned, since coming to Korea, that no matter what kind of cuisine you are having, it will be "koreanified" in some way shape or form ㅎㅎ).

The restaurant is nestled right at the start of the Saturday Market Road (I have yet to go to the Saturday Market and only know this because of the words on the arch in the following picture) near the Moseulpo Harbour.
Arch leading to the main road of seafood restaurants by the harbour. 
From the other side of (my least favourite) intersection. This picture is cool because the car disappears.
To this day, I'm not sure if the "town" has a name since everything on the south side of the island is technically in Seogwipo City. The other foreigners living in my neighbourhood, we all just call it Moseulpo... But for sure the restaurant is in Daejeong-eup which is sort of like the district or county in English, I think (based on what I've seen in the area).
Front of the restaurant.
Hong Sung Bang is a noodle restaurant and many of the dishes at Hong Sung Bang include seafood. A popular pairing is the Jja-jang-myeon (짜장면, noodles with black bean sauce and pork--unless stated as vegetarian by restaurant) and Tang-su-yuk (탕수육, Sweet and Sour Pork). Other items include Jjam-ppong (짬뽕, noodles with pork or seafood) and fried rice (볶음밥, bokkeumbap).

I have been here with people who each order their own dish (with a shared Tangsuyuk) and I have been here with people who prefer to order 3-4 things altogether and share. Personally, I have never finished a full dish on my own and recommend sharing so that you can try different things.

During the most recent venture with my students, we ordered a 3 person set for 43,000 KRW even though we were 4 people. Here are some pictures of what we got:
This was shrimp with a chili sauce.
Tang-su-yuk (탕수육) beneath a pile of onions. 
Bowl of Jja-jang-myeon (짜장면) with sea food.
Spicy Sea Food Jjam-ppong (해물짬뽕) 
Non-spicy Sea Food Jjam-ppong (해물짬뽕) 

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