Sunday, January 08, 2017

An English Guide to Jeju - New Years Resolution

During my time on Jeju, I have noticed that that there are minimal sources available for English and other language speakers. The Korea Tourism website does not often have up-to-date information which has lead to some confusion and frustration a couple of times. As a foreigner it can be difficult at times to find cool sites, fun cafes, or delicious food. Google maps? Only really helpful with buses and even then it's not the most accurate.

I still remember my early adventures walking around the city: I was so overwhelmed with all of the Hangeul (한글, Korean writing). Despite being able to sound out words, I had no idea what anything was--restaurant, cafe, office--and you can't always see inside to tell.

Now that I have more experience under my skin, I thought I would start making an English guide, of sorts, to Jeju (or at least my part of Jeju) as one of my New Years resolutions. I'll try to include the information that I wish I had known, but I also welcome feedback and if I don't include something that you think is important, please let me know so that I can fix that!

Jeju is pretty cool and I hope that if you decide to travel here, this information can help make your time more enjoyable.

Happy Travels!

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