Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Daejeong-eup - Wato Coffee

Address: 서귀포시 대정읍 동일하모로 238
Address: 238 Dong-il Hamo-ro, Daejeong-Eup, Seogwipo

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/watocoffee/
Hours: 10:30-23:30
Vegan: You can get a Soybean Green Tea Latte (with or without coffee). I'm not sure about the other "latte" options at this point.
Price Range: Most items are between 3,000-6,000 KRW and then there is one item for 13,000 KRW.
Parking: Street parking is available.

Front of the Cafe.

This is a newer find for me and I think it opened recently. Dear colleagues, it's quite close to our school/neighbourhood on the way to "Moseulpo" and is well worth a visit. Here's a rough map from google--I included the Paris Baguette intersection as an extra point of reference. (Don't you love my doodled words. Ha.):
The blue marks where the 755 Bus stops (at Daejeong Elementary School).
I've only been here a couple of times so far, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my purchases each time. Not only were they delicious, but I thought the size and price were a good match.
The front counter is decorated with sacs of coffee beans.
There are a number of tables and chairs--although it is still a rather small coffee shop. In the spring/summer, I hope they set up a few more outside, too, which would be nice. The tables were decorated with small flower arrangements and the shop as a whole had a good atmosphere.
Different flowers decorate the tables.
I am a huge smoothie fan and generally try the strawberry option whenever it is available. I was not disappointed. I also tried the mango-coconut smoothie which was equally delicious (the coconut flavour was more mild and not overpowering like I thought it might be).
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie; Garnished with Blueberries and Full of Deliciousness.
The drinks were a lot bigger than what my friend and I expected, too.
A little cake for dessert? Okay. ^^
"Raspberry White Cake" which was a cheese cake. Ha.
Currently, the menu is all in Korean so I thought I would edit the pictures with the added English. But there are three pages and I didn't realize how much glare I had from the window. So for now, this is only the coffee menu. Hopefully I will be able to get the smoothies, teas and dessert menu translated, too. Eventually. (For now, know that they have different cakes, bagels and buns).
Coffee Menu
If you want hand drip coffee, you can choose the following selection of coffee beans. You can also buy 120g for 8,000 KRW. 
List of coffee bean selection.
As for me, I'm hoping this becomes one of my regularly frequented cafes. Once the warmer weather hits, I look forward to having more of the cold beverages. All the smoothies!

Love and Hugs.

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Kyle B said...

Haha this is an awesome find Rae! Much love from Canada!! :)

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