Wednesday, June 03, 2015

And that's a B.Ed

Well, I've made it.  I have completed both my undergrad and now my Bachelor of Education. 

The past year has gone by so fast.  Between the class work and the in school placements, the year has been busy.  Exhausting and stressful at times, yes, but also very satisfying. 

I am so glad that I can now say that I am done.  There's another milestone done; one more leg on the journey of life.

In a way, it's weird to think that, for the moment at least, this marks an end to my formal schooling.  All my life has pretty much been school, and, while I am now qualified to be a teacher and thus won't be leaving school really, it is time to join the "adult world" (as my mum tells me).  So many changes are on the horizon.  So many new things are coming in the next couple of days, weeks and months.

Amidst all of this change, I will take a moment to stop and think on all that has happened.  

I'm here now, celebrating in this moment.As I stood in the wings today, waiting for my chance to walk across the stage, I couldn't help the giddy smile that pulled my lips apart. From all the workand assignments I pushed through to all the friends I was lucky enough to make, it's been a good year.  

That's a wrap. That's a B.Ed. Now onto the next adventure!

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