Sunday, September 04, 2016

Go, Go, Go - The first 3 Weeks

Year 2 has begun.

I think I'm still alive. Mostly. Haha.

If last year was a marathon--long, exhausting, harder at times than at others, but with an overall steady pace--this year feels like a sprint. So far, it has truly been a mad-dash. From the get-go we have been busy in residence. With 40+ grade 12s working on their Extended Essays for the IB program, I have had a near constant stream of papers to read and edit. I don't remember last year being this busy--although last year we had less than 20 grade 12s at the start of the year in residence, and they were hesitant to ask for help.

The first few weeks after the returning faculty arrived were a little strange. So many people left at the end of last year and while I like making new friends and meeting new people, it was a little strange thinking about my friends who had moved on to other countries and other jobs. They were here a few months ago and now someone else is in their stead. But, Jeju is still Jeju with it's beautiful landscapes, crazy hot weather, and giant bugs (especially at this time of year). So it goes.
Sagye-ri, at the base of Sanbangsan (사계리, 산방산옆에)
To my friends and family back home, I've been taking the start of this year a little slower than last year. Facebook, with it's daily reminders "On This Day..." keeps showing me all the hiking and adventures I had last year and in comparison I feel like I really haven't done much since coming back to Jeju 6 weeks ago. ㅎㅎ. I suppose I should fix that soontimes. New adventures are on the horizon. (Like Busan/부산... again... tomorrow. ㅋㅋㅋ).

There is one week left before the Chuseok (추석, Korean Thanksgiving) break and I am looking forward to heading up to Seoul, visiting some friends, relaxing, and exploring new territory. Then, soon, I will have new stories to tell.

Until then, love and hugs.

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