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Andeok-Myeon - Green Tea Noodles

Address: 서귀포시 안덕면 사계남로 195
Address: 195 Sagye-ri, Andeok-Myeon, Seogwipo
Vegetarian: Not sure. I think all broths are animal based.
Price Range: One bowl for 7,000.
Hours: Exact Hours, unknown but I have been for both lunch and dinner.
Parking: 5-6 spots out front. Street parking available.

If you live in the GEC and you have driven to cafes/restaurants with friends or on your own, you have probably passed this small restaurant. Maybe you knew what it was, but maybe, like me, you had no idea what kind of gem hidden under your nose. I've been here a few times now and love not only the food but the warm people who prepare it for you.
The front of the restaurant is void of food pictures unlike many other restaurants in Korea.
In English, the name sounds like "Lee-Han-Kal-Guk-Soo" and this is a noodle restaurant. Specifically Green Tea Noodles. The first floor of the building is the restaurant while above is a guesthouse/pension. The restaurant is divided into two main rooms--a seating area next to the kitchen and then a larger area next to a small greenhouse and pond (super nice in warmer weather!).
Kitchen Area (also selling jams, honeys and tangerine chips).
Inside the greenhouse area, sit beside this small pond.
Upon hearing "Green Tea Noodles," you might think that it's a little strange, but trust me, it's delicious. The noodles have a slight green colour and a hint of flavour but it is not overwhelming and balances out the taste in the dishes. When I was last there, I got to see how the cook freshly cut my noodles before preparing them in a pot. So cool.

Currently, they have three main dishes:
  • Kongguksu (콩국수). A seasonal dish with a soy milk broth. I haven't had this one yet but I hope to try it eventually.
  • Deul-Ggae Kal-Guk-Su (들깨 칼국수). I've been trying to find out what "Deul-Ggae" is and and I think it translates to Perilla Seeds, but then I don't really know what those are either. I really like this one, though, and have had it a few times.
Bowl of "Deul-Ggae" Green Tea Noodles. 
I was so eager to eat that I quickly scooped some into my bowl.
  • Bo-Mal Kal-Guk-Su (보말 칼국수). I don't know what the official name is in English, but Bomal refers to a small crustacean/sea-shell creature. The broth has more of a fish flavour, too. I have had this one and enjoy it occasionally, but not as much as the "Deul-Ggae."
Bomal Noodles, garnished with seaweed.
The portions are on the larger end and you could easily split one with a friend (or try two between 2-3 people) and get coffee or ice cream after. (Just walk down the street to Salon de 소자 38 or to another nearby coffee shop!).

What I really like about this restaurant is that it's not something I've seen a lot of other places. I mean, I have been to a number of different noodle restaurants around Korea, but I have visited only one other restaurant with Green Tea noodles. It's a fun change and if you can, definitely give it a chance!

Until next time,
Love and Hugs.

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