Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a birthday bash & poem!

Today is a very special day. Today is my best friend's birthday and she is now 18 years old [like me!]. Sadly, because we are both in University, I can't just walk to her house and give her a big ol' hug or surprise her at school with a huge note on her locker. I can't really plan a surprise party and ship it five hours away... I just don't have the connections to pull off such a stunt.

What I can do, though, is tell you why she is my best friend and why I love her so.

doesn't she look beautiful in whip cream?
us.. feb 2009
Bananer, as I call her, is a beautiful young woman of God. She's smart [though like anyone, she has her blond moments] and talented. She's a graceful dancer who loves what she does. She knows music way better than I do and watches French recipe shows--which is awesome. She puts her heart in everything she does, though she often takes on a whole lot at once.

Ana puts up with my silly antics and even joins in when I go to cause mischief... which can be often. She makes me laugh by doing the silliest things and I know I make her smile through the weirdest/most random things as well.

because her name is anastasia
Ana knows that sometimes, all she can do is listen when I spill my guts, but then she also knows that at other times, she needs to kick my sorry but into place. Though her words aren't always what I want to hear, they usually are needed to be heard and I appreciate her for that.

Ana is a precious jewel who shines brightly for Christ. She knows who her Saviour is and seeks Him with her whole heart. She is my best friend, a counsellor, a cohort and my sister and I love her so very much!

Today, Ana, have a happy birthday!

Why I love you
a poem by rae b

Chocolate curls dance around your face,
you navigate at your own pace.
Hazel eyes catch my smallest cue,
let me tell you why I love you.

Dancer supreme with lots of flair,
you move with grace, a debonair.
Bright (blonde) one, intelligent too,
let me tell you why I love you.

Plans and charts, for crazy antics,
you remain through my silly tricks
tossing in an idea or two.
Let me tell you why I love you.

You listen when there's words to say,
when there's not, you stay anyway.
A strong shoulder and force to boot,
let me tell you why I love you.

Your light blazes amidst the dark;
a diamond with no secret spark.
Take up the cross, always stay true,
let me tell you why I love you.

You are my best friend--nay--sister,
together we're a tongue-twister.
Allow me an end with this clue,
let me tell you that I love you.

best of friends...

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interkultural08 said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MY BESTEST BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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