Thursday, June 03, 2010

Where I'm From...

a poem...

I Am From Dreams and Memories
I am from movie nights and pizza,
from family fun and games.
I am from summer days and winter forts,
adventuring hikes and painted tree art.
I am from moving homes, tree top climbs,
roaring fires and mosquito massacres.
From water to land, I have no true sport.
I am all of the above.

I want to be the very best!
I am belonging to the light crest.
I am from the inquisitive land,
journeying for les réponses.
I am disguised by my hat, a shadow of my prey.
I am from secret hearts and open minds.

I am a player of games and a joker at heart,
one who stands firm for what she believes is right.
Wordsmith am I, opinionated, too,
though, deaf, I am not.
From the book of KleeWyck, I am,
laughing late unto the day.
A friend of all though silence is no stranger,
I am from tranquility and yet know and welcome storms.

I've travelled through doors within,
seen many worlds and creatures beyond,
creating my own guide of the universe.
I am from many cultures.
I am from one culture.
I'm from a relationship of truth and I can FROG it, too.

I'm from cloud watching afternoons,
from hide-and-seek in pews.
From picnics by the riverside to campouts in basements.
Many things have shaped me.
I am from a famille des amigos,
and a home built with care.
I am from a place of dreams and memories,
a place of hope and love.
That's where I'm from.

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Maggie said...

What an amazing poem! I really enjoyed reading it.


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