Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Writing Snippet!

I love to write. This is no secret. Sadly, with all the work I have with school, sometimes my writing time gets cut down or even deleted. It saddens me greatly. Last night, I decided that I would at least write something! My fingers were twitching as they always do when I crave to write and I felt an idea at the edge of my mind.

I didn't write for long, but I like what I created. It's a short snippet of a greater story that remains unknown. I'd love to hear what you guys think of it and your ideas for what could happen next. It's all one big mystery!


Feet pound into the earth. Thud. Thud. Each step sends shock waves of urgency jarring through her body. Mud clings briefly to bare toes, painting them brown before dropping off like flakes of snow in her wake. Dirty droplets splash up the back of her body, painting a polka dotted design on her clothes. Faster her feet push into the earth as if trying to break free of the ground altogether and soar into the sky.

Short gasps of breath squeeze from her lungs as she races up the hill. Sweat trickles down the sides of her face and her back. Stumbling, she falls into the muddy slope, her fingers and toes both scrapping at the dirt. She scrambles to her feet, ignoring the scrapes and cuts that mare her legs and arms. She lifts her eyes ahead and frowns in determination, her thin brown eyebrows coming together in her small face.

Orange and red lights flicker over the horizon, painting a foreboding image on the fading blue sky. She pushes forward towards the light, her arms pumping furiously at her side. Dark strands of hair escape from her pony tail and drop forward before her eyes. She pushes them back behind her ears and forces herself onward.

She slips twice more as she climbs to the top, her faded blue t-shirt becoming unrecognizable due to mud and grass stains. The fabric sticks to her sweat ridden body, displaying her muscular and starved frame. With a mighty shove, she uses the last bit of energy she has to force herself to the top--to the flickering lights.

Her eyes close shut for a minute as she fills her lungs, breathing hard and fast. At last she stands and turns to face the scene before her. Grey eyes widening in horror, she takes a step back.

"O great mother, what have I done?"


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! Is that a story you're writing?

Rae B said...

At the moment, it's an idea. I'm hoping it'll be a collaborative story on a writing website I'm apart of but only time will tell.

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