Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Today, I am a Graduate

Some would say that today marks a milestone. Convocation; graduation from university.  All of the time, the work, the. stress and (maybe most of all) money that I've poured out over the last four years lead to this day--to one slip of paper.

Today I received my diploma for my Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology. I arrived the designated hour and a half early to the festivities to don my robe (thankful that it was heavy enough to keep my dress from blowing up) and then proceded to wait in a large tent with the other graduates in my convocation slot. The wind was strong today, every gust wrecking hairdos like a tornado destroying houses. As one, we girls would turn into the wind, hoping to salvage whatever we could.

At last, it was time. They lined us up and we made our way to the stage. The ceremony was short and sweet, always nice and greatly appreciated. I look back to my high school graduation with a shudder (3 hours is way too long!). We took some pictures, ate some food and then were done. I returned my gown, collected my diploma and that was that.

All in all a lovely day. I'm really happy to have accomplished my undergrad. In all honesty, it seems a little surreal and a part of me feels like I should be going back to Trent in the fall. And yet this stage of my life has come to a close.

Some would say that today marks a milestone...


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