Thursday, August 14, 2014

Checklist Season

August is a month of checklists, or at least, I think it is.  With September fast approaching, a lot of people need to get ready for the coming season and coming changes.  Teachers need to turn from their summer holidays to begin thinking and preparing for their coming classes; parents and children hasten to chaotic stores to replace those jeans that fit perfectly two months ago, but are now too short.  New binders, backpacks, and other supplies are also hunted down like a caveman after his dinner.  Students heading to college or university may need furniture or appliances depending on living arrangements and may be waiting anxiously for that move-in date.


Have you done ____ yet?  Have you gotten ____ yet?  Is _____ packed?  What about ____?  And on and on.

August is a season of checklists.  I move to my final year of university in a little over two weeks (16 days to be exact) and I am excited.  I'm slowly but surely building up my checklists and checking things off.  I know that soon I'll have to do some back-to-school-shopping, but I'm hoping that this year, it'll only be for a few choice items--and mainly for kitchen things.

One more year to go, and then after, the future is a whole lot less planned out and structure.  One more "back-to-school-checklist" as a student, and then who knows what checklists I'll be making next year?

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