Monday, March 02, 2015

Halfway There

Two weeks done and two weeks to go!

I am currently enjoying my placement block, although it is a whirlwind.  This week, the other teacher candidates and I are taking on a full teaching load which makes for a lot of lesson planning and prep work.  The big thing I've learned from this block so far is that it's good to consult with colleagues. Bouncing ideas off each other and sharing resources or helping to improve a resource; a teacher is always and should always interact with their team.  I feel as though I could burn out very quickly if I insisted on making new things for every unit and activity that I planned.  But, in working together, I learn about things that have worked in the past and get almost too many resources thrown my way.  I am so very grateful.

But as much as I am enjoying placement, I can't wait for the two weeks to be done! In two weeks, I will be in England for my alternative placement.  I am so excited for that!  I have never flown before and am looking forward to my first big international experience (I've been to the States, but I feel like in some ways, that doesn't count).  I am counting down the days and getting busy with different prep work that needs done (e.g. planning my budget, talking to the bank, and getting needed supplies).  It's a bit of a struggle to focus on the now when the near future has such greatness coming.

WOOT WOOT! (^.^)

I'll have to do my best to work hard until then.  For now, I guess it's back to lesson planning I go.

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