Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Never have I ever...

I don't know if you're familiar with this game, but if you're not, it's quite simple.  Sitting in a circle, everyone holds up their fingers.  Each signifies a life.  Every person then proceeds to say, "Never have I ever ________."(Example: Gone fishing, worn a dress, danced with a dog, eaten sushi etc).  Everyone else in the circle who has completed whatever the speaker named loses a life.  The goal of the game is to survive until the end, or as I like to say, the goal is to have lived the most boring/mundane life.  I like playing this game because it's a fun way to learn about other people and I see it as a challenge to think of things that everyone else has done, but you haven't.

(I've played games where it got really sexist really fast as both genders attacked the other with "never have I ever braided my hair/had a pony tail/worn makeup..." to "never have I ever worn boxers or briefs/played on an all male hockey team..." and in those cases, you might want to moderate a bit.)

One of my go-to phrases is "Never have I ever been on a plane."  I can usually knock a life off almost everyone else in the circle depending on where I am and who is playing.  My statement is usually followed by exclamations of surprise.  Twenty-two and never flown?  (Personally, I think that in all likelihood, most of the world's population has probably never flown on a plane... but anyways...).

In a couple of days, I will have to think of new statements to out people in the game.

Thursday night, I board my first plane to fly to the UK.  Excited?  Oh yeah. I've been waiting for this for a long time and I've been looking forward to this trip in particular since last year.  Nervous?  Check for that as well.  This first flight is also a solo flight and that's a little nervous-making.  I worry that I'll lose something or get lost in an airport somewhere.  Or what if I happen to be one of those people who gets sick while flying?  That'll suck.  I hope that's not me.

In any case, I cannot wait for my adventure to begin.  And with each step, I look forward to trying new things so that when I play Never have I ever again, I'll be in a rut to think of a good one.

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