Saturday, October 29, 2016


Day 1: The Artist's Climb
When I made the decision to do Inktober this year, I really wasn't sure if I would (a) be able to draw a picture every day and (b) produce anything to be proud of. I've never really challenged my artistic abilities. I've drawn things here and there for fun or for other people, but usually I just try to recreate a cartoon image. Here, at times I was trying to combine elements from different sources, attempting to draw 2D based on 3D models, and at times trying to pull something out of thin air (although I think those were the worst). Definitely not my comfort zone.
Day 3: Web Connections; inspired by the Magic School Bus
Day 4; a combination of three model images
 And yet each day, somehow I was able to put to paper an impression of what I wanted (or almost).
Day 7; based off a 3D artwork
Day 9: Broken Telephone; 3D model
A few days in, I started following the official prompt list as an inspiration point (designated by the # in the photos). I liked the challenge of creating an image that fit a given word. At times, I chose to draw something that obviously fit, while at other points, I tried to stretch the understanding of the given prompt.
Day 10: Cottage Dock
Day 14; I tried drawing two different trees before doing this one
I think the hardest part for me was the lack of eraser. I'm so used to sketching and then erasing, perfecting each line multiple times until it looks exactly the way I want it. With ink though... Every line was permanent.
Day15: Dog Days; I wished for a hammock
I may not be heading toward fame with my artwork (Ha!) but after this month, I'm a lot more comfortable with ink between my figures. There were still days when I didn't want to post what I drew, embarrassed or unhappy with the final result. But inktober is all about trying, I think. My favourite for the month was early on (Day 12; prompt: worried) because I was able to include so much detail and shading. Inspired by the White Rabbit, here it is:
Worried about being late?
My second favourite, was in an inversed style (lines white, main black) is currently my most liked photo on instagram with nearly 140 likes as I write this. I think that is in part due to fandom appeal. Inspired by my favourite childhood tv show (Digimon), the image also appropriately fits the prompt "escape:"
Day 18: Digivice with Crest of Light
Inktober is almost over and hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in the last couple of drawings before the end of the month. I'm on my way to Hanoi, Vietnam today for my vacation week and I've left my notebook behind. Haha. Still, I am proud of what I've accomplished in the last 29 days.

I'm looking forward to seeing a new country and having new adventures.

Love and Hugs

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