Saturday, October 28, 2017

Korea According to 6th Graders

This week, I asked some of my students for "Facts" about South Korea. I wanted to know what they would say when asked to share about their country and who they were. Despite the fact that everyone wrote down their own idea before giving it to me, it was interesting that I had only two people write about the same fact, and then even then they each told me different details. Check out the list below:

  • One cool thing/fact is Psy is Korean. 
  • One thing that I like is feeling the nature in Jeju island.
  • Jeju is declared a world heritage site.
  • Jeju has beautiful flowers named "rape flowers." They are very beautiful when they are bright yellow.
  • We have a job named "Hae-nyeo." They are women who work underwater.
  • Korea's traditional clothes are "Hanbok." They are all sorts of different colors and patterns! On the bottom you wear a wide dress if you are female. On the top, you wear the Jeogori.
  • On holidays we usually wear "Hanbok" (한복) and bow to old peoples (families/cousins).
  • Hangeul (한글) is a scientific letter (system) invented by king Sejeong. He studied how humans speak so that it is easy to say. There are 10 vowels and 14 consonants.
  • South Korea has a lot of mountains.
  • Korea has lots of roads with shopping stores.
  • There are 250 different types of kimchi.
  • When a Korean's name is in red ink, this means that the person is about to die or already dead.
  • One cool thing/fact is that Dok-do is a Korean Island, but Japan complains that it's their Island.
What would you say about your own country? 
(What would I say about Canada? =P)

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