Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Surprise!

Some of the trees that we drove past.
Friday morning, after heading to the dentist (I have healthy teeth, don't worry!), my friend Kyle and I began the long drive up to Ottawa in order to surprise his girlfriend, and my best friend, Ana, on her birthday.  It was a beautiful day for a drive.  The sun was shining, the leaves were changing, and thus the scenery breathtaking!  How I love to take pictures of such an exquisite creation!

A shot of Silver Lake.  We paused so I could get pictures!

Upon arrival in Ottawa, we swung by the U. to pick up our friend Jenna, then went and bought an ice cream cake and headed to Ana's apartment where we met one of her roommates.  We had a couple of hours to wait as Ana wouldn't be back from work until 7:30 and so we chilled and got to know Lynette a little better.  At last, it was time.  Kyle hid behind the front door while I went out on the balcony behind some curtains.  Jenna, being a resident of Ottawa, sat in the open, right in front of my hiding place, pretending to be the surprise.  Ana knew that her roommates had something planned, but she didn't know what.  After waiting for what felt like forever, she finally opened the door.  As guessed, she was extremely happy that Jenna was there.  As the two embraced, I emerged from my hiding place and when Ana opened her eyes, she let out a shout for joy.  We hugged and then she turned and saw Kyle.  At this point, she was crying from happiness.  I was so glad the surprise turned out so well.
The ice cream cake!
(Winnie the Pooh!)
The six of us (Kyle, Jenna, Ana, Lynette, Fatima (other roommate) and I) shared a delicious dinner made by Lynette (she is an awesome cook!), enjoyed some cake and socialized for the evening.  It was so much fun and I'm really glad it worked out.  Not only did I get to see my bestie, who I rarely get to see due to school, but I got to make two new friends as well.

In the words spoken by Lynette a mere 10 minutes after we first walked in the apartment, "I felt like I've known you guys forever."

Ana and I - Saturday, Sept 29th

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