Saturday, September 08, 2012


It's raining.

Huge drops of water blur together as they cascade on the street outside my window.  I was really hoping for sun today.  This morning, I was supposed to go to work to mow some greens while watching the sunrise, but that became impossible with the thunder and rain this morning at 6 o'clock.  Then, after that, I was going to join my friend Joel in a bike adventure.  Sadly, all those plans are now washed away...

Lately there has been so little rain, and so I'm happy that it's pouring, but couldn't have done this yesterday when I was inside all day?  Bah, humbugs.

Last Sunday I moved into a new house and so naturally, all week I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure things out--just kidding.  I have a really small room (which I picked so it's not really so unfortunate as it may seem to people), and I brought too much stuff (which I should have foreseen).  My room currently is still messy (things with no home live on the floor...) and I've moved some things three or four times in order to find the right spot. For instance, because my room is so small, it has a bunk bed.  Initially, I put a bunch of text books on the shelf above the desk, but when I climb into bed, the frame rattles and the books would either fall over or worse, fall off onto the desk.  No fun.  Not only that, but I've realized I forgot my laundry hamper, my hole punch, page dividers and a few other things back home.


Isn't forgetting things wonderful?

Oh well.  I suppose it's all apart of being human.  Everything will get organized in the end.  It's just not organized right now.

Despite that, the people I live with are nice and I'm looking forward to this coming year!

God bless, 

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