Tuesday, April 26, 2011

why do I blog?

This has been a slow blogging month for me--mainly because of school and exams. As days passed and I thought of different blog posts to write when I did find myself with a moment of time, I found myself thinking about the quality of my posts. I know that when I'm rushed, I don't put as much time and effort into a blog idea and simply blog what comes to mind. Sometimes that's okay, but other times I don't always like what I end up posting and simply post for lack of time.

I don't really like that. These thoughts led to me thinking: why do I blog?

At the beginning, I simply started because I was getting free books [AND I LOVE BOOKS] to review them and provide my opinion. That was really cool, and then I started doing more, posting my thoughts and opinions on different things as they came up. My goal, in a sense, was to gather a following so that I could keep reviewing books.

I was 15/16, okay? AND I love books.

Slowly, I learned more about the world of blogging and met so many crazy awesome bloggers. I slowly grew, picking up a few followers here and there but never really had a large following. If I got a comment or two on a post, I was lucky--and that's still the case. My blog changed quite a bit over the years as I experimented with different things and tried different gadgets and attachments. I learned new tricks and got rid of old ones.

Somewhere along the way, I think I forgot why I kept up the blogging thing--even after I stopped doing the book thing. I still go for an occasional book or two, but I find myself asking: why do I blog? What keeps me writing posts? What is my mission? What do I hope to accomplish with this?

For some of you all, this may not be important. You may be sitting at your computer, wishing to read something insightful and feeling slightly disappointed at this post, but that's okay. This is what I need to say--even if it's slightly longer than usual.

I don't want to blog simply to have a following.
I don't want to blog simply to get free books.
I don't want to blog simply because I can.

I want to blog because I like to.
I want to blog because I have something to say--even if no one wants to read it at times.
I want to blog because I am a child of God and I'm on a mission for Him.
I want to blog because I know that as His child, He has a purpose for me and He is using me in ways that I don't always understand.

I want to blog about my life.
I want to blog and my struggles and my triumphs and how God helped me in both.
I want to blog about what I'm learning on a day to day basis.
I want to blog about the silly things and the important things.
I want to blog to and for Him, my Lord and Saviour because without Him I am nothing and without Him I have nothing.

This is why I blog.

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Dismantle. Repair. said...

Great post Rachel! I think all of your blog posts are awesome and you always have the coolest blog setup with your designs and gadgets. I am not tech-savvy enough to do all that jazz. But I still blog because it is what I enjoy and doesn't matter who ends up reading it, if anyone. Keep up the awesome posts :)

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