Wednesday, February 04, 2015

It's showtime!

One of my main goals for this school year was to get involved.  This final year of my university career is only eight months long and four of those months I am not actually at the University.  Despite the brevity, I still wanted to really meet people.  I didn't want to write it off simply because our time together would be shorter.  Instead, I wanted to push myself further in becoming integrated into the community and making personable connections.

So, I decided to join the musical.  Logical, yes?

I was a part of a couple of different drama troops in elementary school and loved it, but when I got to high school, I ended up taking music (I played the alto saxophone) and left my dram-anigans at camp each summer.  None of the productions during my brief acting "career" involved musical theatre (unless you count a choir I was apart of grade 3, but I don't), so I, along with many others, were coming in tous frais et sans exp√©rience.  But the beauty of the Fac of Ed musical is that no experience was necessary.  The show's goal was inclusivity.  If you wanted to be apart of it, all you had to do was show up.  This leads to a cast and crew of around 100 people--the majority novices.

If you are in productions of any sort, this may make you cringe.  As you can imagine, when you are working with a lot of novices, things get messy.  Fast.  Vocal problems?  Check. Choreo problems?  Check.  How about coordination of singing and dancing?  Oh check! 

The past few months have been chaotic, yes, and we have sort of been bumbling along most of the time, trying to figure things out.  However, it has been so worth it.  From the theatrical side, we have come so far from where we started and things are coming together.  It's hard to believe the differences from where we were a couple of weeks ago (not going to lie, there were a few panic twinges then) to now.  I suppose that's showbiz, though.  Chaos until it's not.  From the social side, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new people--people that I would not have even known were at the Fac of Ed because we're not in the same division.  That alone is enough to make the experience worth it.

Opening night is tomorrow and tonight we have our dress rehearsal.  Here's hoping we don't break our legs before we're through! =P

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