Thursday, February 12, 2015

Teen Pregnancy, A Digital Story

In one of my classes this semester, we had a unit on Social Injustices.  In specific the unit was meant to explore social injustices that were found in the classroom from racism, homophobia, and prejudices based on religion or gender (and many other things in between).  As you might imagine, the topic in itself is interesting and definitely something important that, as teachers especially, we need to be aware of and consider.

For the final assignment in the unit, we had to pick a social injustice and either read some of the related literature and write a paper, or create a digital story.  I'm a little bored with writing papers so I decided that even though it might be a bit more knit-picky, I would make a digital story.

My social injustice issue is Teenage Pregnancy and I chose this topic because I remember hearing recently about a grade 9 student who found herself pregnant.  Teen mothers are prejudiced against because society often paints them as sluts and whores.  Sometimes they are kicked out of their houses and wind up living on the streets and living in poverty.  This is a social injustice.  People make mistakes everyday for which society forgives them, but becoming a teen mother is something that society can't seem to look past.

For those of you interested, here's the resulting video.


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