Monday, January 04, 2016

Look, Mum! Monkeys!

Well, it's just about time to head back to Korea. It's been a fun couple of weeks and I had a lot of fantastic experiences here in Malaysia, but I am ready to sleep in my own bed again. I am also looking forward to some good Korean food.  I have enjoyed the food in Malaysia and Singapore, but I like Korean food better. 

My first day on Peninsular Malaysia, my friend Jade and I trekked it out to the Batu Caves.  The Caves double as, well, caves, and a temple.  It's a pretty touristy-spot, but a cool one nonetheless.  Be amazed at the impressive exterior and giant statue:
A shot of the stairs leading up to the temple as well as the giant statue.
You can go all the way up and into the temple section, but in addition, near the top their is a cave veering off where you can go on a tour and learn more about the caves in general. The cave tour features lots of bats overhead (some squeaking some not) and other cave dwellers. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any snakes but we did see lots of spiders, a rat and a couple centipedes and cockroaches.  Yum yum.
Jade and I inside the cave-cave portion. Women can't wear shorts up the stairs to the temple so we have makeshift skirts.
 But, the best part of the experience was seeing all of the monkeys.  They came right up to the stairs and wove between the pedestrians.  I was borrowing Jade's camera and was able to snap some awesome shots.  I feel like a stellar photographer now!
Monkey 1!
Mother and child--although Jade and I agreed that it's a pretty big baby.
Same Mother and Child as above, only they followed us around the corner--or maybe we followed them.
 And of course, another couple more monkeys here:

Love and Hugs.

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