Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The life cycle of a snowman

Jeju's blizzard of 2016, the worst snow storm to hit the island in over 3 decades, disappeared nearly as fast as it came.

For three days, we had nothing but snow.  The sky would clear briefly, creating the illusion of the end, and then the wind struck again, and the white screen blocked out everything. The following two images were taken 6 minutes apart on January 24th.  The cycle repeated many times all afternoon.
The snow coming down with a fury of flurries! Haha.
And then it almost looked clear.
Many of the students were beyond excited and for some, it was their first time seeing so much snow in one place.  Despite coming from Canada, it had been a few years since I had been surrounded by so much packing snow.  The last couple of years had been so cold that it was more an icy powder than the desired sticky snow.  Naturally, I did what made the most sense:
Snowman by me (January 25th, 2016).
I made a snowman.  When the snow was still thick the following day, I decided to make another:
My "snowfairy" since I gave it wings.  (January 26th, 2016).
The weather was already getting warm again the morning of the 26th, and sadly my first snowman did not fare well through the night.  It seems he had a bit too much to drink and lost his eyes.
My student's (left) and my snowman (right) had a rough night.
All three after a couple repairs.

And by the following day, all three snowmen had had enough...
All snowmen are down and beyond help (January 27, 2016).
Just like that, the blizzard's power was gone.  Today, the 28th of January, it is 10°C and it has rained all day.  The snow storm already seems like a distant memory with small piles of snow remaining.

How could the storm that stranded thousands in Jeju fade out so soon?  How could the cold be gone so fast?


Should I pity the life of a snowman?

Love and Hugs

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