Friday, March 11, 2011

we are the ghosts of 224

I like to doodle. I wouldn't exactly call myself a skilled artist because I'm not a skilled artist, but I can hold my own in a sketch or two, I'd think. Last week, I made a video of my door, writing all the names [in whiteboard markers] of my subscribers on my door as a Thank You. It looked really cool and then earlier this week, I cleaned the door and it looked really empty. I had to put something else on it to fill the space.

So... since I love Digimon, I drew Gatomon and since my roommate Becky asked for Charmander, I drew Charmander--all in sketch of course! This is the result:


Now that we have this awesome door, Becky and I had to do something with it. We like to have fun and sometimes that fun involves taking really silly pictures--it's happened on multiple occasions. They make us laugh... sometimes more than we should. Anyways, we had a photo shoot yesterday afternoon and here are the results. These are my favourite ones:

Jourdene makes a guest appearance... inside Becky's ghost!
I've Jesus in my heart! =)
We're cool people, it's true! =)

We are the ghosts of C224 and we have fun, it's true!  If you're curious as to how we made these images, it's simple really.  Our halls our dark so I had my lens open for longer in order to absorb more light.  If we stepped out of shot to early, the camera had data on us as well as our background and so it overlapped the info.  Cool, eh?

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