Wednesday, March 23, 2011

who do you worship for?

This may seem like a stupid question and I've honestly never asked it before, but earlier this week it was posed to me in the book The purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

This definitely got me thinking. When I do go up and sing worship songs, just who am I singing for? When all is said and done, have I given my all for my King, for my Saviour? Or, have I somehow made it all about me?

Think about it, when the "worship" part of a service is over, what are the types of things we say? "Wow, I really got a lot out of that, it was a good worship!" or "I didn't really feel anything today... wasn't the best worship."

I've said these things before. I've focused on only me and thought of what I would get our of worship. Can you see the flaw in this? Can you see where I misunderstood? Worship is NOT for ME. Worship is for God and no matter what I "feel" about it, it should not change how I worship. Even when I feel like I'm getting nothing out of worship, I should still worship my heart out because it's for Him!

So, who are you worshipping for?  When all is said and done--when the music fades, who/what matters most?  Your "feelings," or the God on High?

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