Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who is Estell?

I have this story that I'm writing, but what do you know about it? You've seen an excerpt and a brief video summary, but who is it about? Who is Estell?

Here's a brief character sketch that I wrote up in 2008--I've edited it a bit since then, but the main points are still the same. So please, meet Estell!

[I wish I had a picture, but that's not my strong suit...]

Character Sketch

Name: Estell « 'Stell' » Llew
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: About 5'8" tall weighing around 120 pounds [underweight].  Her long and slender limbs are covered by a tanned layer of skin.  Because she doesn't have much money, she's had to improvise with clothes and other necessities.  This explains her uneven hair cut [cut with a dagger--by herself].  Her hair is a mix of light blond to soft brown.

Her eyes sit firmly in the middle of her head under delicate golden eyebrows and framed by dark eyelashes.  The iris is a deep gold while the pupil is shown as two stars connected like Siamese twins in each eye.  Her nose matches the rest of her body and is small and delicate sitting above chapped red lips.

Her clothes are tattered and worn.  Dressed like a man for most of her life, she is most comfortable in long pants [breeches] and light smocks [she has two, both worn and dirty].  She has one tunic and then a small bag.

Abilities: She has had lessons in hand-to-hand combat and have picked up numerous other skills over the course of her travels such as daggers and knives.  If she had to, she could wield a sword, but she is not very skilled.

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