Saturday, July 19, 2014

Return of the Planter

After being up north near Thunder Bay for the past couple of months, my sister is finally home.  Last Thursday, I got a text around lunch time saying that she was coming home. Nearly 12 hours later she was sleeping in her bed.

I'm really glad she's back and it really wasn't the same at home without her.  Now she has about a month and two weeks of summer left before school begins.  In a sense, she's lucky because she managed to work and have a vacation whereas I am locked within my job and can't even take a day off, but I know that her job was really hard.

Everyday, she had to plant thousands of trees in rugged terrain. Starting around 8, they worked to 5 everyday, this not including their ride in from and then back to their camp.  Speaking of their camp, she lived in a tent for the work period. At the start of the season in May, it was still frigid up north and they even had snow for a few days. After the cold left, the bugs came out in swarms. Black flies would be so thick that they created their own cloud and fog.  Really, my sister says the experience was not "fun" and definitely not a walk in the park.  But she survived and accomplished  lot.

I'm proud of her, but again, also really happy that she is home.

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