Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lost & Found

May 2-4 I switched from my dad's house to my mum's. My mum and I were going up to visit her parents and as we set out, I realized I didn't have my ipod to play in the car. At the time, I wasn't overly concerned. I thought I knew exactly where it was at my dad's.  What with switching houses every week I was used to certain items being left behind and figured I'd just see it in a week.

Well, that week went by and upon returning to my dad's, I went immediately to that remembered location. The ipod was not there. I figured I must have put it somewhere so I began to tear apart my room. Nothing. Still though, I wasn't worried. I'm not a stranger to losing things and figured it had to turn up eventually.  The following week I went back to my mum's and did a search there, too. Maybe I brought it over and just forgot. Still nothing.

By now, I was a little worried. My ipod had been missing for 2 weeks and now I was so far removed from when I last had it I had no idea what I did with it. A full month passed and I started to feel antsy. I'm not a huge ipod user--if I was, I probably would have panicked a little more, but as I neared 6 weeks, I started contemplating other options. Could I find one used? Should I buy a new one? Wait until Christmas?  I didn't need my ipod, but I was starting to want it, especially when I went running.

At last I found it this past week. My sister is coming home from tree planting soon and while she's been give, I've been sleeping in her bed at my mum's. My bed squeaks every time you move and I was getting really annoyed. With her returning though, I needed a new solution.  So my mum and I took down the bed and brought up the futon from upstairs. During the process, I had to move the drawers from under my bed. On a hunch, I opened the back end up one and pulled a sweater I haven't worn in weeks--nay, months--an d checked the pockets. There it was: two months later, my ipod.

I'm reminded of the parable from the bible (Luke 15:8-10) about the widow who loses one of her coins. She tears apart her house and when at last she finds it, she goes to her friends and rejoices. I can understand the joy over finding the small things, that really, in the grand scheme of things, don't mean a whole lot, but still count for something.

What have you lost & found?

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