Thursday, July 03, 2014

Too much garbage!

Well, the summer is already half over. I'm currently finishing up week 10 of my 18 week summer employment. I don't remember if I have mentioned it, but I am now a professional grass cutter. I cut grass all-day-everyday for the town. An exciting life, eh? For the most part, I don't mind my job. I'm not new to grass cutting as I have past experience working on a golf course (a job I loved and now miss). I like that we get to drive all over my city to get to different parks--each day is different which means I'm never bored.

On my crew, we have nearly 40 different parks to cut in a 16 day cycle. That's a lot of cutting and I feel like so far we've been eternally behind. Mostly because of weather and situational factors (e.g. broken equipment).

Sometimes though, the delay is related to extra work that arises. Namely, garbage cleanup. If a park is really dirty, we need to clean up the litter so that it doesn't get mulched by the machines. Picking up garbage takes a surprisingly long time from twenty to forty minutes. On the whole, I don't mind as it creates a change from trimming, but sometimes the filth astounds me. Call it a bit if a pet peeve.

Let me set the scene so that you can understand my frustration. Our parks have a number of soccer fields and like any good public establishment, they have been socially engineered to suit people needs. If you haven't guessed already, I'm referring to garbage.  Garbage cans are placed conveniently for easy access. You would think then, that they would be used to the fullear, but no. I have found 30+ water bottles within 20 feet of a can along with an assortment if napkins and sport tape. Less than 20 feet away! Is it really that difficult to walk over? That's what the garbage bin is for so why not use it?

Not only are you makinh my job harder, but you are creating a grotesque view of the fields. For the most part, this rubbish has been by the team benches so I ask: if you are a parent of a player, a friend/family member of a player or a player yourself, please respect the fields. Don't be lazy and put your garbage where it belongs.

And yep. That is all for today. Goodbye.

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