Thursday, April 30, 2015

c'qui vient d'se passer

This is the title of a song by the band eXterio.  Though I can never remember all of the words to the verses it is still one of my favourites.  It is a favourite because of two reasons.

(1) I love the refrain
The chorus of this song is as follows:
On va s’souvenir longtemps de ce moment
Mais c’qui vient d’se passer, 

Mais c’qui vient d’se passer, m’appartient à présent 
Tant pis pour les absents

For those of you who don't speak French, here's a rough translation:
We will remember this moment for a long time,
But what just happened, belongs to me in the present,
Too bad (or tough) for those who were absent

This song is a memory catcher.  With each new adventure, this song captures the moment and reminds me that it is something precious to hold tight.

(2) This song was introduced to me by one of my favourite high school teachers.  I had her every year of high school and learned a lot from her.  When I was in grade 12 I was a peer tutor in her grade 9 French Immersion class.  For an activity she had the students get into four groups and write a four  line rhyming verse.  Each line had to be eight syllables and needed to be about something that we did that year.  When they were done writing, she had the students substitute their verses into the song as we sang.

This song caught their memories.

Every time I listen to the song, I cannot help but think of her as well.  As I finish my course work for my B.Ed today, I cannot help but hope to make a difference in a student's life like she made in mine.

This has been such a great year.  I have made so many new friends and deepened bonds with old friends.  Eight months is too short a time to share life with someone and I wish that we didn't have to go our separate ways just yet.  In the words of Shakespeare, "Parting is such sweet sorrow..."

I will remember this year and these people.  As we go forward and out onto our adventures, I will hold tight to the moments that have shaped my journey.  These memories and these friends are so very precious.

Many thanks to all the other Teacher Candidates and all the best in the future.

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