Thursday, July 23, 2015

Packing to Move

No matter what kind of move or how far away, I doubt it is ever easy.  I've had to move each year during my university career and each time I went to pack up my room, it always amazed me at how much stuff I somehow collected.  How could I have so much?  Where did it all come from in the first place?

Each move was simple in that for the most part, everything was coming with me.  Get the boxes, fill them, put them in the car, take them back home--or to my new residential unit.  Then unpack and wait the 8-12 months until I would do it again.  Rinse and repeat.

Now that I am moving to another country, I am faced with a different type of dilemma.  I can't just bring everything (and honestly, I wouldn't want to bring everything), but it's a tough process deciding what is necessary and what is redundant.  Space is limited (as is weight!) and I don't want to fill it with items that I can later easily acquire.  Instead, I need to conserve my space for the items that I won't be able to get and yet will still miss.

It's hard.  I wish my bags would pack themselves, but I suppose life is not that easy.

Onward I go!

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