Monday, November 23, 2015

Chicken Ribs in Jungmun

Last Friday I met up with one of my language exchange friends and together we had 닭갈비 or Chicken Ribs (direct translation; pronounced dak-kal-bi).
Starting to sizzle away!
 For my friends and family who don't know, 닭갈비 is delicious.  If you are not a vegetarian and get the chance, you should definitely try it with friends.

As you can see from the picture, it is cooked right in front of you on a grill-pan type thing.  Along with the chicken and seasonings, there are rice cakes (best part, next to the chicken), cabbage, onions, and the green is sesame leaves, I think.  Generally a spicy dish, you can order it more mild.  When my friend and I walked into the restaurant, we were both immediately struck by the spices in the air from the other patrons.  With each breath, our nose and throat "tickled" as my friend said.
Just about ready to eat! So tasty!
Once ready, you just take what you want straight from the pan.  You can eat it straight up or wrapped in a lettuce leaf (called 삼/sam).  There are also side dishes that you can eat plain or in the wrap as well.  Both ways are delicious, although it is at times nice to have the cooling effect of the lettuce leaf, even though mild.

After eating most of the dish, we ordered some rice to make 볶음밥 (boggeum bab; fried rice) with the remaining seasoning.
The server mixed it all together and cut down the remaining big pieces.
The whole meal was very delicious and we gladly polished the pan.
All done!
After eating all that food, my friend and I were so full that we had to walk it off.  Near the restaurant in Jungmun, there is Cheongjeyeon Falls (and a temple, but I think waterfalls are cooler... sometimes).  Entrance is only a couple of dollars (or free if you are a Jeju resident, which I now am!).  It's a short, yet lovely walk along the river's edge to see the three different sets of falls.  All in all, it was a fun, and delicious outing.  

Here's a couple pictures--some from Friday and some from a couple weeks ago, because yes, I've been before.

Love and hugs!
The 2nd Waterfall (friday)
Same waterfall back in September--look at the difference in water pressure!

Beautiful pool at the "first waterfall,"
Bridge crossing the river and leading to the temple.  Stunning views from the top!
Various shots of the temple.  You can go to the second floor of this temple where the view is again really pretty.

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