Friday, November 06, 2015

Snapshots from Gwangju - Mudeungsan

Home again, am I!  I returned last evening and while I really enjoyed being in Seoul, I was really happy to sleep in my own bed.  I have so many pictures and such to go through, but here are some of the shots that I took last weekend.  I'm not very good at taking pictures of city streets--I don't usually think of it until I'm writing posts like this--so they are mainly mountain shots. Ha. 

More on my vacation in Seoul later this coming week! 

Heading to Gwangju!!  Someone told me that South Korea has over 3000 islands.  It would take years to visit them all.
I find it so cool how different societies and countries structure their blocks of land in both a similar and different fashion.  Definitely makes the view interesting.
One of my first stops in Gwangju was exploring the Yangdong Market.  This picture doesn't show you how much there was to see in food alone. A lot of rich smells attacked me as I walked through the alleys.
A welcome view of the city as the sun set.
Hiking around the mountains with Nick.  He didn't do too badly for a novice. ;)
Stunning view looking back toward the city and the other mountains in the park.
Not quite the top, but one of the taller peaks.
And one last picture looking out over the mountains.  So pretty!  But it was also getting cold at this point and we turned to go back down.

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