Monday, November 16, 2015

Seoul at Night (N Tower)

Seoul is not a city for early birds.  Like me.  I learned that very quickly.  Nothing opens early.  Most stores and cafes (except for a few of those big chain cafes) don't open until 10 or 11 in the morning.  Some open even later and then stay open later.

Seoul is very much an evening and night city.  At the end of a day's work, the streets flood with people--and come alive.  Shop signs call out warm invitations, street vendors set up their stalls, smells of fried food waft into unsuspecting noses.  While I was in Seoul, I walked through some of the big shopping streets/areas including Hongdae (홍대 - near a university so a lot of students and restaurants as well as shopping), Insadong Street (인사동길 - a lot cute shops and cafes from what I saw. I got some good postcards here.), Namdaemun Market (남대문 시장 - one of the most famous markets in Seoul.  You can get everything here.  Except for a husband or wife, as one Korean told me), and Myeongdong (명동 - known for beauty and skin care products.  Also known to attract a lot of Chinese tourists).  While they were all pretty busy in the afternoon, they got crazy-busy as the sun set.  I didn't think to get any pictures of the craziness, but if you get a chance to visit Seoul, don't just visit these areas during the day.  You will really be missing out on part of their charm and attraction.

Another attraction that, while beautiful during the day, is stunning at night is the view from N Tower in Namsan Park (남산공원).  Mount Nam is only a couple hundred feet tall, but the park is still lovely to explore.  Especially at this time of year when the leaves were changing colour.  I could pretend I was back in Canada for a moment, the colours were so vibrant!  There are many trails weaving through the trees to and around the tower.  The park is a good spot for a picnic or a brief respite from city life.
View of Seoul from a lookout point.
One of the trails leading up to the tour gives this lovely view!  Fall Colours!
C'est moi!  I still don't think that this picture rightly captures the splendor of the woods, but even a sliver of the truth contains truth.
But the view, while lovely during the day, is magical at night.  Different coloured lights illuminate the tower and then the view of the city... Just whoa.  N Tower is a big attraction for groups and couples and it is no surprise as to why.
For perspective: My shot of the Tower and Temple structure during the day.
BAM!  Same view at night.  Look at those lights!
I wish my camera was better... But I still think it's pretty!
I wished I had had more evening-nights to explore the city sights.  I have a feeling that many more would be just as stunning if not more so than their daytime hours reveal.  Next time, I suppose.

Until then...

Love and Hugs.

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